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I am sort of a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to art - have a little bit of everything - but my favorite so far has been my costuming and wing-making so you'll see most of that highlighted here.

All comments whose contents reflect a single thankful thought will be read, appreciated, and hidden - I am a bit OCD about this so it's for my own sanity. Thank you.

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What am I up to right now? Work - lonely, lonely work. Sad dummy 

...that is all - for now. And oh hey, another winged costume!


First spotted by a friend of mine at this years Emerald City Comic Con, this artistic Barn Owl costume by sprightlyvigilante was wonderful to see! :D
Photo by Roget Rachetford by Sunnybrook1
Wish I could’ve seen it in person, but will be satisfied for now with the photos and costume details provided by the creator.

Photo by Roget Rachetford by Sunnybrook1Photo by Roget Rachetford by Sunnybrook1Photo by Roget Rachetford by Sunnybrook1
Inspired by owl documentaries and winged things in general, sprightlyvigilante's creation uses my tutorial as the base with some modifications, mostly in the harness area (not really shown in these photos, unfortunately) which was made of pleather and constructed to look like layered armor across the shoulders. The feathers are all hand painted with acrylic paints, even the smaller coverts, which sprightly says is sad since the smaller pinions don't like staying put. :(
Photo by Roget Rachetford by Sunnybrook1 Photo by Roget Rachetford by Sunnybrook1 Photo by Roget Rachetford by Sunnybrook1
Neither staples nor hot glue will keep them affixed, and sewing through layers of painted fabric is not recommended - there is STILL a puncture dot on their thumb from attempting it. I've had to throw away broken needles from trying something similar, stronger glues/staples may be required. OR utilize a new method of attachment, like punching small holes in both the large/small feathers and threading/tying them together… but I digress. ^^;
Photo by giantblackalbatross on Tumblr by Sunnybrook1
The reception to their creation was positive, which comes as no surprise here, but as is mentioned this turned out to be both good AND bad:

"…wearing them was amazing, in and out of the con people were amazed by them. if i got stopped for pictures and splayed them out, i would be stuck for about five minutes because i would draw a bunch of picture takers into a crowd. something that would later take a toll on my shoulders. they were so heavy my arms would cramp up after a while and make it almost impossible to hold my wings out. but people still loved them and i toughed it through the second day (had to ditch them on the last day of con though)"

I feel your pain sprightly! :shakefist: As does anyone else who has worn the arm-exercisers for longer than 20 minutes, since not only do they add weight they add resistance against your muscles with the elastic. May one day develop something more ergonomic, but for now will suffer and perhaps develop buffer arms.

Photo by giantblackalbatross on Tumblr by Sunnybrook1  Photo by Sharc Tank by Sunnybrook1
:heart: LOVING this mask and hood combination!

On a side note, this has inspired some of their friends to possibly make their own fantasy-themed wings as well so we may be seeing a flock of these at a Pacific Northwestern con near you! :la: I can’t wait!

Much thanks goes to sprightlyvigilante for answering my questions, and the amazing photographers who captured some truly awesome shots of their costume!

SOURCES in order of appearance:
Roget Rachetford [1 - 7]
giantblackalbatross [8 - 9]
Sharc Tank [10]


PS - me :pointr: :icontfmsleepplz:

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Aurus-V 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I've been using your wing tutorial as a basis for my cosplay for months now (almost done) and I thought it was a strange feeling when a couple of weeks ago I saw you or who thought to be you at Castle Point a few weeks ago. It was only a moments glance but I would like to put my mind at ease about it, because I totally wanted to have a chat. To finish my ramblings, I would just like to confirm it was you before I kick myself in the head.
Sunnybrook1 3 days ago  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Well yes, I was there - bought a ton of t-shirts & wore a paper wing pattern.

Also, had my baby nephew in a baby bjorn/carrier in front who got more attention than me :D that sound like who you saw?
Aurus-V 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Hah. Yup, it was you. Your wing was amazing and so was your nephew. He was well behaved, but I'm glad that I coukd recognize the wing style from a distance. Your tutorials are extremely helpful.
Sunnybrook1 3 days ago  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Ah, glad to hear it~ :thanks:
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Linden-Furaito Mar 16, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey! I love your amazing wings!! Is it possible to use your tutorial to make bat-like wings?
Sunnybrook1 Mar 16, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Don't see why not! :) Just find appropriate fabric (probably stretchy) and sew or glue it to the metal shafts, and probably leave out the secondary elastic since the wing-fabric will do it's job instead.
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